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Kida – Audio Stories for Kids

Kida – Application hear free audio stories for children.

Kida has many genre: Poems and Music, Junior Stories, Myths and World Stories, Educational Stories, Classic Audio Books, Fairytales, Original Stories.

+ Kida Feature Highlights:
– Interface: Intuitive, easy to use.
– Constantly updated.
– Powerful Player: Automatically switch, playback, shuffle comic, comic pause playback when a call until the call ends (similar to plug in headphones).
– Library: Extensive.
– Experience: Remember listened comic, comic player for easy playback bottom, add to wishlist, visual stories detailed info.
– Player notification: Play the story easily, even if not in the app.
– Listening to offline: With the ability to download stories and listen to offline stories make it easy to listen to stories when there is no network connection.

Hope to Kida will bring moments of relaxation for kids

Link Install Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.choinhe.kida

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